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Group Dental Insurance

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...Why Should Your Business Offer
Group Dental Insurance?

1. Did you know that seeing a dentist twice a year for preventative care costs about the same as a dental insurance plan? Dental insurance plans are affordable and help keep money in your pocket!

  • With that being said, what happens if you need a filling, root canal or a tooth extraction? If you don’t have coverage, you will take on 100% of the bill. This bill could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A dental insurance plan may allow you to afford oral health care that otherwise would be too expensive.

2. Often times employees will not obtain their own dental coverage. Making dental coverage available to them is important for businesses to show they care for their employees overall health.

  • Offering a group dental insurance plan is a win-win for employers and employees. Employees gain access to affordable coverage and a vast network of dentists. Meanwhile, employers are appreciated and they can deduct any premium payments they may contribute.


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