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Long Term Care


...Why is it important to have
Long Term Care Insurance?

1. Reduce the risk of depleting your assets and being a burden on your family.

Regardless of your net worth, you do not want to deplete your assets to pay for long term care costs when you can pass that on to an insurance carrier. Long Term Care insurance will help you avoid being a burden on your family members both physically and mentally.

2. Medicare is not enough coverage and you cannot afford to wait!

The longer you put off purchasing long term care insurance, the more expensive your options will become (and you have a higher risk of becoming uninsurable). Depending on your condition, Medicare could pay for a maximum of 100 days. If your condition requires care beyond that period, then you could be on your own. Instead, you could have Long Term Care insurance that would kick in.

3. You choose where to receive care.

Did you know that you can receive care directly at home? You do not have to go to a nursing home! If you don’t properly plan your insurance needs, you might not have this choice. Long Term Care insurance will give you the peace of mind knowing you have coverage for your health needs as you age.


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