Group Health Insurance

Why is Group Health Insurance Important?

+ Ask us how we have been saving small businesses up to 50% on group health insurance premiums with Level-Funded and MEWA plans. If your small business does not currently have a Level-Funded or MEWA health plan, you need to contact us immediately!

1. Group health plans are more affordable and provide better coverage than almost all individual health plans.

  • Employees will benefit from having access to a large network of hospitals and doctors, lower rates and richer plan benefits. In today’s healthcare marketplace, coverage through an employer is almost always the best option for employees. Having a health insurance plan set up at your business could be the difference between attracting good employees or losing them.

2. Your business will gain tax advantages by offering group health insurance.

  • Employers can deduct 100% of the cost they pay for their employees’ health insurance as a business expense. Also, employees can pay their portion of the premium with PRE-tax dollars if a Section 125 plan is set up. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

3. Employees will appreciate good health insurance plans and will be more likely to join or stay at your business.


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